The Silver Accordion:
25 Years of Weird Al

The year 2004 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the release of "Weird Al" Yankovic's first single, and what kind of Weird Al web site would we be if we didn't celebrate this all year??

My Bologna
The record that started it all!
Although Al was already familiar to listeners of The Dr. Demento Show for the last few years, the 1979 "My Bologna" single on Capitol Records marked the first step in a career that would result in at least eleven studio albums, three Grammy Awards, dozens of Gold and Platinum Records worldwide, a feature film, a television series, a boxed-set compilation, three fan conventions, tours of North America and Australia, a museum-quality memorabilia exhibit, and so much more.

But that was only the beginning! Join us each month as we take a look at the ten biggest highlights in Al's career....

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