A message to regular visitors to All Things Yankovic

Well, what can I say? All good "Things" must come to an end.

As you might have noticed, All Things Yankovic is no more. Last week, the German media conglomerate Wir Besitzen Alles, Inc. offered to buy the web site lock, stock, and barrel. I tried to tell them that I have no legal right to sell anything based of Weird Al's likeness, but they wouldn't listen and kept shoving money across the table to me. I stopped arguing around the two million mark.

When I asked them what they have planned for this site, they explained that they will adapt it to honor one of Germany's favorite music stars, John Tesh. When I asked why him of all people, they remarked that he reminded them of their "Fuehrer." So I left it at that, instead praying that they didn't pick up on the fact that I'm Polish.

I have no idea what will become of the various features on the site, as it looks like most are already being converted. I'm really going to miss working on that Songography.

But this isn't a good-bye by any means. I will continue to discuss Weird Al on the newsgroup and on Whizzi's awesome message forum (if you haven't joined there yet, it's highly recommended....and if you've been kicked off, tough shit). And you better believe I'll be there at ALCON III later this month. I'll be the one throwing the hundreds of All Things Yankovic buttons I had printed up last month at the windows of the restaurant next door (What was it called? Barnacle Pete's or something?).

So take care, everyone. I'm going to go and roll around in a huge pile of money. See ya around!

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