Al Trading

A few years ago, we tried something here at All Things Yankovic called All Things Tradervic, which was designed to be a Weird Al trading forum so that fans and collectors could help each other complete their collections.

Well, it was an embarrassingly dismal failure and nobody would post any messages.

But, a few folks have since been asking me for trading information, to see what I have and to find out what I still need. Although I have no plans to make this page as comprehensive as, say, Elvis's trading pages, I figure a modest trading page would fit right at home in this "behind the scenes" section of the web site.

I do want to point out one thing, though. I'm not normally the kind of collector who has many doubles of items. With the exception of maybe my turning up something I forgot I had, below is my entire list of items available to trade. I apologize that it's not a big list or doesn't have too many "choice" items, but what can I say...if I find something cool, I stop looking for it.

Items marked with an asterisk are those that I am actually willing to just sell if you have nothing to trade with, $3.00 each plus shipping.

Unless noted, all items below are opened and in fair/near mint condition. Conditions of picture sleeves may vary, so I will verify condition upon inquiry. I cannot verify playability of vinyl.

Well, on with the list....

Vinyl - CD - Cassette
Paper Goods/Promotional Items - AUTOGRAPHED SWAG!
Incompletes, Nicks, Tears, and other Miscellany - My Abbreviated Want List


"Another One Rides The Bus"/"Gotta Boogie" 7"
"Weird Al" Yankovic In 3-D LP (etching on Side 1 only)*
"King Of Suede" 7" promo (with picture sleeve)*
"Like A Surgeon"/"Slime Creatures From Outer Space" 7" (with picture sleeve)*
"Like A Surgeon"/"Slime Creatures From Outer Space" Australian 7" (with picture sleeve)
"Living With A Hernia"/"Don't Wear Those Shoes" 7" (with picture sleeve)*
"Fat"/"You Make Me" 7" (with picture sleeve)*
"Lasagna"/"Velvet Elvis" 7" (with picture sleeve)*
UHF/Original Motion Picture Soundtrack And Other Stuff LP*
"UHF"/"Attack Of The Radioactive Hamsters From A Planet Near Mars" 7"*


Polka Party! (Way Moby case and disc, Scotti Bros. insert)
"Jurassic Park" promo single
"Bedrock Anthem" promo single (no sticker on case)
huH April 1996 promo (with "Gump")
"Spy Hard" promo single
"The Night Santa Went Crazy"/"Christmas At Ground Zero" promo single
"It's All About The Pentiums" promo single


Dare To Be Stupid (CBS; used)
"Jurassic Park"/"Frank's 2000" TV" single

Paper Goods/Promotional Items

"Ricky" sheet music
UHF gatefold two-part promo flat
Alapalooza cover promo square pin
Bad Hair Day promo flat
Bad Hair Day Al's forehead/hair promo poster
Bad Hair Day cover promo poster

(all autographed by me...nah, just Al)

"Fat" 12" promo (crease in top corner of jacket)
Alapalooza Yankosaurus promo counter display (unassembled)
Alapalooza promo pennant and stick (assembled)
"Gump" promo CD single

Incompletes, Nicks, Tears, and other Miscellany
(No no, I'm not trying to be cute by offering less-than-stellar items, but like every other kind of collectible out there, I'm sure there is someone saying, "Well I have the sleeve, but I need the record," or vice versa. As I said, this is my entire list, parts and all.
Conditions are listed accurately. Again, I'll verify on request.)

"Ricky"/"Buckingham Blues" 7" (with picture sleeve, but vinyl is scuffed up, so it might be scratched)
"Weird Al" Yankovic In 3-D/"Eat It" 12" promo flat (nick on the side)
"Eat It" 7" promo (without picture sleeve)
"Eat It"/"That Boy Could Dance" 7" (without picture sleeve)
"Like A Surgeon" 7" promo (without picture sleeve)
"I Want A New Duck"/"Cable TV" 7" (with picture sleeve; corner peeling)
"It's All About The Pentiums" promo CD single (digipak's disc hub chipped)

My Abbreviated Want List
(This of course doesn't list every single Al item I'm still on the lookout for, especially since I'm always keeping my eyes open for any promos or imports that happen along the way. These are just some key items that have alluded me over the years. The Richard Kimbles of my collection, if you will, but then of course that would make me Deputy Gerard, and I don't think that role suits me. I can't ramble as well as Tommy Lee Jones can. For those who have these but need nothing of mine, I will also be interested in buying these items outright.
In case there is any confusion, I'm only looking for originals. No copies.)

"I Love Rocky Road"/"Happy Birthday" 7" (with picture sleeve)
"Eat It"/"I Lost On Jeopardy" 7" (with Collectibles logo on label)

One last thing: I will not, repeat will NOT, make copies of any legitimately released Al recording. If you need to know how an Al song was released, there are two helpful resources out there: my "Weird Al" Yankovic Songography over on Elvis's site and the discography pages right here at All Things Yankovic.

So, wanna trade? Then let me know!

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