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Greg's Blog Promotes "Craigslist"

For those of you who access our blog through our web site, welcome to the inaugural post following the latest and what we hope will be the final upgrade to our server. We were told that our web provider was closing down its own internal blog program, so we were given only a scant couple of options to move our blog to a new provider and still have it remain parked at our web site. We first attempted switching over to WordPress, but it kept crashing and refused to allow us to edit simple know, like the name of the blog. Plus, on our initial setup of the program it had misread the folder we told it to install into and it literally wiped out the entire Make the Rock Hall "Weird" web site! Really, what the heck?!? Does everyone else have these kinds of problems with WordPress??

Don't answer that. We don't really care.

So instead we moved to Movable Type, the software used to (among other things) create the web site for President Obama. Hey, what's good enough for the president is good enough for us, right? As you can hopefully see, to the side are links to the past blog entries, so at least all of the content is still relatively in one place. Hopefully we won't come across too many problems, but if we do we'll try to fix them as soon as possible.

Having said all that....

Now that we're knee-deep in June, we wanted to send out our monthly reminder to everyone to send out a greeting card to the Rock Hall Foundation. Remember, it can be a homemade card, a store-bought one, or anything, just as long as it conveys a simple message: "INDUCT WEIRD AL!"

The address to send your card to is:

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation
Attn: Joel Peresman
1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10104

Today Al has released his first single since last year's T.I. parody "Whatever You Like" and the first of four promised singles to come out over the course of the summer. This first song is a fantastic Doors style parody called "Craigslist." We cannot recommend it enough, as it perfectly blends the Doors' trippy, sometimes overindulgent style with some of the more bizarre areas of interest on the sleazy message board-esque web site.


There is also a low budget but cool music video available on Al's YouTube page among other places (including the main page at our parent site, All Things Yankovic). We ask all fans out there to please download the song this week, and to encourage others to do so, so we can get this puppy to chart in Billboard. Come on, let's do better than "Whatever You Like's" puny #104!

We'll also have a couple of other "Craigslist"-related activities posted here throughout the week, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, we are still looking ahead to Al Fest 2009, the fan convention to be held August 1 in suburban Los Angeles. Greg will be conducting interviews with attendees to be used in the upcoming documentary about the campaign. This will be the absolute final place a fan will be able to appear on camera for the movie, so if you've been waiting to be interviewed, it's your last chance!

We are currently accepting requests for interview appointments for throughout the day (such as, for example, if you would like to be filmed at two o'clock, etc.). We might even have some sort of incentive ready if you e-mail us a request by a certain date.

NOTE: Greg will not be conducting interviews during the UHF 20th anniversary panel, Bermuda's presentation, or Jim West's performance. He will try to accommodate every fan, but those three convention events will take priority. Thank you for understanding.

So, what are you waiting for? Go download "Craigslist" NOW!


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