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July 13, 2020

"Skipper Dan" has got it going on!

Today's the day! Al's newest single from the digital-only Internet Leaks EP he's releasing throughout the summer is now available to download..."Skipper Dan!"

We would greatly appreciate it if you would help fund the Make the Rock Hall "Weird" campaign and documentary by clicking on the following link: Download "Skipper Dan" on Amazon!

We don't want to give anything away, but the song is fantastic; an original that reminds one of some of Al's best compositions of the 1980s like "Melanie" and "Good Old Days." So far, the preliminary buzz around the song has been pretty positive, especially from the workforce that it targets.

Please be sure to download the song by Sunday so that it can chart in Billboard. Let's make this Al's first original to ever hit the charts. We can do this!

Enjoy the song!

July 08, 2020

Brains and Dementia

Well, here we are into July, and what an exciting month it will be!

Al Fest 2009 is less than a month away. This will be the first Weird Al fan convention in seven years, and it's going to be a blast! Bermuda will be there giving a video/history presentation. Jim will be there to perform, as will Rubén. Dr. Demento will be there, and there will even be a UHF 20th anniversary panel with Jay Levey, Victoria Jackson, and Gedde Watanabe. Tickets are available at the convention web site. And don't forget, if you buy your ticket early enough, either the day before or the day after the convention you'll have unlimited cuts in the line to see Al's Brain at the Orange County Fair (fair admission still required).

Speaking of which, this Friday the Orange County Fair opens, featuring the world premiere of Al's new 3-D movie and educational exhibit Al's Brain! The movie will be shown exclusively at the fair through the end of the summer, after which it will hopefully tour the country. If you'll be in the area or are planning to make the trek to the O.C., click here to order tickets to the fair!

And this upcoming Tuesday will see the digital release of Al's new single! The title hasn't been officially announced yet, but we'll hopefully have an ordering link available as soon as possible (start checking the site Monday night after midnight). We would greatly appreciate it if you downloaded the song through the link we'll provide to help fund the campaign. And of course, let's try to get this new song to chart! Come on, "Craigslist" didn't even scrape Billboard's digital charts...we can do MUCH better than that!

And although not entirely Al-related, or Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-related for that matter, we did want to share some similar great news....

Dr. Demento has been nominated for induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame in its "National - Pioneer" category...and what's cooler, you can help get him inducted!

Unlike certain other halls of fame we could mention, the National Radio Hall of Fame actually invites the public to select the inductees. One can vote until August 1.

Just go to this web site:


You need to register to their site first. They'll send you an e-mail with a password and a link to vote, and that's it!

Now back to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, don't forget to send in a greeting card to the Rock Hall Foundation urging them to induct Al.

Cards (or letters if you insist) can be mailed to:

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation
Attn: Joel Peresman
1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10104

Keep checking back, as we will have a major activity/contest to announce very soon, one concerning our still-in-production documentary!