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Al tops Rolling Stone poll!

Holy cow, did fans rally on Al's behalf or what?! Al topped Rolling Stone's online poll this weekend asking readers who should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The results are listed here:


Competition was fierce, but in the end Al beat out such other rock legends as Rush, the Moody Blues, Alice Cooper, Deep Purple, and others.

Hey, we think they're all great and a lot of them are certainly worthy, but deep down we are all tickled pink that Weird Al got more votes than the whole lot of them!

This is the only the first step in our post-nominations rally cry. As soon as a technical glitch gets resolved with their site, we will soon be urging everyone to flood the Plain Dealer's annual Rock Hall readers poll with votes for Al. Come on, we just buried the competition in a national poll hosted by the premier popular-music magazine in the world...we eat the Plain Dealer for breakfast!

And of course, on October 23--Al's big 5-0--we will be hosting the First Annual Make the Rock Hall "Weird" Tweet-In on...where else?...Twitter.

But for right now, way to go, Al!


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