Poor Al!

Don't let this happen to you! Learn the correct way to find links to the countless of other Al sites on the web. Until then, by all means follow some of the links below to pages that put ours to shame!

Official sites

The OFFICIAL "Weird Al" Yankovic web site, maintained by Al's own drummer and one of the coolest guys ever, Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz!

Al's MySpace page
Al's Facebook page
Al's Twitter page

The official web site for Al's bassist Stephen Jay, who presents samples of the songs from his CDs and other musical projects. There is also a biography detailing Steve's background of learning music from all over the world, a photo gallery, a news page, discography...and ordering instructions for Steve's excellent work!

Westernmost Music
The official web site for Al's guitarist Jim "Kimo" West! Read about Jim's extensive body of work, about his love for Hawaiian slack key guitar, and even hear samples from his solo CDs such as Coconut Hat! You can even order the albums from Jim's site!

Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz
Check out Bermuda's wide range of work and humorous industry bits!


It had to happen sooner or later!

Al's Band
"Hear at last."
Download the first single "Al's Band" on iTunes!
Download the "Al's Band" instrumental (the first "b-side") on iTunes!
Download the second single "We've Never Played In Hawaii" on iTunes!

Paradise Artists
The official web site for Al's concert promoter! Mainly used to pitch acts to local promoters, their Al page is still a fun read...and you can even keep tabs on other rock acts such as the Greg Kihn Band, Joan Jett, and practically every band from the sixties!

Official Places You Can Hear Al Songs Online

"You're Pitiful" (download)
"White & Nerdy" (video e-card)
Al's MySpace page (various songs)

Unofficial sites

(More sites will be added every so often, so webmasters please don't think your Al site is being ignored. Also, All Things Yankovic cannot be held responsible for the content on these sites...but they were checked out and they seem to be okay!)

It's the Weird Al fan campaign of the year (well, one of them)! Help get Al a well-deserved star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame!
Throughout the year, the Star Fund will be offering items up on eBay, so you can donate and get a nifty keepsake at the very same time!

Al-oholics Anonymous
One of THE best Al web sites. Get guitar tabs, lyrics, TV appearance info...and if you're ever going to an Al concert, you'll be able to sign up to the Concert Tracker to see which other Al fans will be attending. Brought to you by the "TorsoBoy" himself, Marty Lick!

"Happy Steve's" Al site, modeled after a certain pompous search site. Do some info hunting on the site's search engine...find links to countless other Al web sites...and find lyrics to all of Al's released songs and a majority of his unreleased work, including concert-only parodies!

The rec.music.dementia Home Page
Maintained by demented music historian, engineer, and all-around cool guy Jeff Morris, not a single fan of Al (or demented music!) would be spiritually complete with a visit or two (or hundreds) to this site. Search through the playlists of The Dr. Demento Show, find lyrics to the most obscure novelty songs, and stare in awe at Al's U.S. discography!

Brought to you by our Close, Personal Friend Dave "Elvis" Rossi, you can check out the 27 List, the "Weird Al" Yankovic Songography (which has some connection to All Things Yankovic...hmm, I wonder what), check out Dave's unbelievably large collection (quite possibly the biggest collection of Al stuff from someone outside of the band!), and even "buy" stock in U-62!

World of "Weird Al" Yankovic Forums
They can't call it "official," but they can come awfully close. Launched by a fan out of the Netherlands, it is perhaps the best place ever to discuss all things...ahem, Al. Music, touring, stories, and fan-gushing all have a place here. You may even spot someone associated with the band once in a while!

Rainbow Heron's "Weird Al" Site Spectrum
For the "clueless newbie" in all of us, features guides for both the newsgroup alt.music.weird-al and the IRC chat room #weird-al, an Al acronym list, a list explaining inside jokes, and of course pictures!

Al Team Listing
Are you a member of the best loosely organized society for fans of a premiere comedic musician? Then, this is your home!

Weirdness Central
Check out some of this site's unique features, such as a gallery of awesome original Al art, and the continuing stooory of UHF...the original screenplay!

Webovic 2000
A cool game that was clearly stolen from Super Mario Bros. 3...just kidding! You need to be able to see Java for this to work, so pour about three cups of Starbucks's Mocha Guava onto your keyboard and you should be okay!

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