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"Weird Al used music videos brilliantly. His parodies of both Michael Jackson and Madonna were even more memorable than the original videos themselves."
--Peter Fornatale,
Who Can It Be Now

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Entry for August 16, 2020

HOLY CRAP ON A CRAP CRAP CRAP!!! Maybe Al should be invited back to the same theater on the same tour more often!

Last night's show at the Keswick Theatre was a tremendous success, where our volunteers collected over 600 signatures, easily making a record for us for a single concert! Needless to say, the counter on the front page of our web site will have a major update to it very soon!

Our campaign is quickly and almost dangerously picking up momentum as we go from city to city, and we are ever so grateful to everyone both helping out (from volunteers to the actual venues) and signing the petition.

Tonight we continue our reign up and down the eastern half of the country with a show in our nation's capital, Trenton...err, that is, Washington, D.C. Ah, the heart of democracy, where surely a petition put together by citizens would be both admired and celebrated, yes? Anyhoo, if you're going to the Warner Theatre tonight, look for our newest volunteer, Misty, and sign the petition!

And once again, we need people to start lining up to cover those remaining shows on Al's tour!

2020-08-16 20:17:16 GMT

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