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Entry for June 22, 2020

Well, it's not induction-related, but today's Rock Hall news affects us greatly!

All day Wednesday it was being reported that the Rock Hall Foundation's executive director, and the chief target of our campaign, Suzan Evans is stepping down after being with the organization since 1983. Concert promoter Joel Peresman is replacing her as the foundation's president and CEO.

The change doesn't officially take place until July 5, so hopefully over the weekend we'll get the site all nice and updated to reflect the changing of the guards. In the meantime, if you're planning to send off a letter to the Rock Hall Foundation, be sure to now address it in care of Joel!

We wish to extend our thanks to Ms. Evans for putting up with all the letters, petitions, and miscellaneous greetings that were sent her way over the last two years. Although it would have been nice to receive some sort of acknowledgment from her that our messages were in safe hands, at least no cease-and-desist orders were ever issued, so that's something.

2020-06-22 05:21:52 GMT

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