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"Weird Al used music videos brilliantly. His parodies of both Michael Jackson and Madonna were even more memorable than the original videos themselves."
--Peter Fornatale,
Who Can It Be Now

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Entry for April 7, 2021

This is a heads up that according to two major music retailers, Amazon and FYE, three of Al's albums are now out of print: Polka Party!, the UHF soundtrack, and The TV Album.

This marks the first time in eighteen years that an Al studio album has been discontinued by his label. The reason for this change in availability remains unknown, but it should be noted that with the exceptions of Poodle Hat and the two Greatest Hits compilations, these three are the only entries in Al's current catalog yet to earn a Gold Record (though our sources indicate that Poodle Hat is merely awaiting RIAA certification right now).

All three albums are still readily available to download on iTunes and other MP3 sites (as is Al's long-deleted boxed set collection, Permanent Record: Al in the Box), but if you still need a physical CD copy of any of these, you're quickly running out of options. The following online stores still claim to have new copies in stock. Although it might be too late to contribute to the albums' respective RIAA sales statuses, buying new retail copies will still earn Al his due royalties (as opposed to buying them used off eBay or from Amazon Marketplace sellers, etc.).

All three albums are of course available to buy through the online store at, where they sell for $11.98 each.

Otherwise, here's where one can buy....

Polka Party!
Best Buy* ($10.99) ($9.97)
Tower Records ($7.99)
Virgin Megastore** ($9.99)

Best Buy* ($12.99) ($9.97)
Tower Records ($7.99)
Virgin Megastore** ($9.99)

The TV Album
Best Buy* ($12.99) ($9.97)
Tower Records ($9.99)
Virgin Megastore** ($9.99)

* lists all three albums as being "backordered," which means unavailable to order, but one can usually search the inventory of their local Best Buy stores through the web site.

**Virgin lists all three albums as being available to ship in "3-6 weeks." This is essentially the same thing as saying "unavailable," but one might get lucky.

And of course, if you've seen copies at your local music stores, GRAB THEM NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

Complete your Al CD collection now!

2021-04-08 04:16:55 GMT

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