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"Weird Al used music videos brilliantly. His parodies of both Michael Jackson and Madonna were even more memorable than the original videos themselves."
--Peter Fornatale,
Who Can It Be Now

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Entry for May 20, 2020

If any of you crazy kids out there use the Twitter like the youths do these days, we have a special project for you. Although the campaign does not have an official Twitter account itself (Greg does, but it's really, really boring), our friend on there "WeirdAlRules" wants to get a trending topic going and hopefully catch on.

So when you're out there Tweeting like the little yellow canaries that you all are, be sure to give the campaign a shout-out...or is that tweet-out? Oh well, here's the topic abbreviation to use: #weirdalhalloffame

2020-05-21 05:27:32 GMT

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