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"Weird Al used music videos brilliantly. His parodies of both Michael Jackson and Madonna were even more memorable than the original videos themselves."
--Peter Fornatale,
Who Can It Be Now

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Entry for May 5, 2021

It's May 5th! A day of celebration!

Oh sure, we could mean it's a day to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Or, one could be out there celebrating Free Comic Book Day (who wouldn't want a free issue of Gumby?). Or heck, how can one not feel an urge to celebrate upon learning that Paris Hilton is going to jail (in Lynwood, no less!)?

But how about some Al-related reasons to celebrate?

The big news is of course the release of the first ever Weird Al video game! That's right, it's Virus Alert, based on the Straight Outta Lynwood original of the same name! Starring an animated Al, the video game was designed by animator David Lovelace, who not only directed the "Virus Alert" music video but also recently signed our petition! Just click here to go to the game's web site, where you can sample the first five levels and then decide to buy the whole if you wouldn't. Come on, it's a friggin' Weird Al video game!!!

Speaking of the petition, tonight is our own cause to celebrate, as our petition tour makes a stop in Atlantic City for Al's show at the House of Blues. This date was added to our schedule at the very, very last minute (like, maybe Thursday), and we sincerely thank field operative jbracciante for offering to cover this concert. He'll even be dressed for the occasion, so don't you dare miss him!

So, no matter what you may be celebrating today, have a happy May 5th!

2021-05-05 21:12:46 GMT

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