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"Weird Al used music videos brilliantly. His parodies of both Michael Jackson and Madonna were even more memorable than the original videos themselves."
--Peter Fornatale,
Who Can It Be Now

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Entry for June 13, 2020

It's a night of a couple of firsts as we continue on with our U.S. petition tour with our only mid-June date. So if you're going to head down to the San Diego County Fair tonight, look for Vikki and (what else?) sign the petition!

Tonight marks our first concert date this summer on the western half of the country, our first date in Al's home state of California, and our first date at a county fair. None of this makes any real difference as to what we need to accomplish, but it's all just fun to point out.

Meanwhile, Al has been steadily announcing more new tour dates every so often, and there are now so many holes on the tour schedule that we would love to see filled. And don't forget that we could always use more help at the shows that we already have field operatives lined up at. The point is we want every Al fan everywhere involved, no matter how big or small of a contribution they can make. Let's show Al that we all want to see him get this honor. Contact us to volunteer!

2020-06-14 00:03:25 GMT

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