The 2005 Art Contest!


The Meg-chan

Our first entry was that of a Japanese-influenced Al, depicting him as he might appear in a manga comic or an episode of Teen Titans. It's a little-known fact that Al had originally recorded the theme song for the 1988 animated adaptation of Crying Freeman, but he backed out of the deal at the last minute once he found out about some of the movie's more risque he instead submitted the song for the series The Dirty Pair. Okay, all of that was a big frickin' lie.


I'm a big fan of anime, so the anime-esque-looking Al makes me happy.

I really like the anime-style Al. It's very creative. The drawing represents Al very accurately and certainly reflects a lot of hard work and effort.

(Greg announced he was ready to make comments on this entry, but he has become quite distracted by the open bar just outside of the showroom. He promises he'll be back after he finishes his second whiskey sour.)


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