The 2005 Art Contest!


Carol Reimer

If any one entry best represented the "quest" that this campaign has become, it's Carol's Sword in the Stone-reminiscent scene. The background is masterfully rendered, while the Sedelmaier-esque Al gives this piece some charming contrast. It's a great metaphor for the goal the campaign is trying to reach, to get this living cartoon character into this foreboding fortress grounded very much in its own reality, however dark or antiquated it may be. And of course, Al's prize and vindication is represented not as an award or a medal, but rather a golden spatula. It's hard to imagine Al wanting it any other way.


Really liked the King Arthur connection. What better gift for the Rock Hall than the gift of a spatula.

A really excellent drawing. I can't say enough good things about it. I really love the whole concept. Al grabbing the spatula as if it's Excalibur is genius. The slogan is really good.

(Greg was politely asked to leave the bar and return to the gallery to offer some comments on the entries, but he seems to have had one too many. There are already complaints that he's being abusive to the staff at the museum, throwing recyclable pins and souvenir Chagall hand towels at the volunteers. He started mumbling something about the temperature and permission or something, which we'll take as a cue to leave him alone for the moment.)


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