The 2005 Art Contest!


Terri M.

Here we have our first Photoshopped art of the evening, as Terri decided to go the parody route. This collage of Al faces is mostly based on the cover for Queen's 1991 album The Miracle (even down to a similar font), but it does seem to also have a touch of a more famous group image, that from the cover of their earlier Queen II album. This piece is interesting because even as a parody, it visually chronicles Al's career from his college days to present day. Because most choose to associate Al with Michael Jackson, quite a number have forgotten that Queen played a vital role in Al's early success, as "Another One Rides The Bus" was Al's first national hit. Queen would also serve as fodder for the polka on 1993's Alapalooza album, "Bohemian Polka." It could probably be argued that Queen songs bookended the busiest and most productive era of Al's career, 1980-1993. This work nicely captures the group's influence on Al.


Really nice parody of a picture. Al is known for his parodies after all.

This is a very creative blending of pictures of Al. It does a great job showing the progression of Al throughout his career. I also like the slogan. Very nice.

(At this point Greg has started apologizing to everyone for his behavior, even people who have just entered the museum for other activities. He now has some guy by the shoulders as he's beginning a rant about not wanting to be a firefighter just because his grandfather was one. It should be noted that as far as we know, nobody in Greg's family ever worked as a firefighter. It looks like the museum security has backed him into a corner to try to calm him down, but all it's doing is making him cry, so we'll try him again in a minute or two.)


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