The 2005 Art Contest!


The first place winner will receive a Make the Rock Hall "Weird" bumper sticker, an autographed Al promo CD single, two vinyl Al LPs, three promo Al 45s, a Bad Hair Day promo poster, and a very super-secret, super-cool, one-of-a-kind bonus item!

Kristine Slipson

If it merely came down to sheer size and magnitude, this work of art would have easily taken the top prize, as unshrunk it measured to about 2000 pixels by 4000 pixels (see below for a close-up of the record, presented slightly closer to its original size). But fortunately, it's also a really well-done piece, paying close attention to detail and really capturing Al's "modest" side. And yet, it also represents the goal of the campaign, represented by a gold record. It's symbolic, it's surprisingly subtle, and it's unassuming. It's the campaign in a nutshell.


"The bigger the Al, the bigger the statement," I would say on this one. It's huge and awe-inspiring with its hugeness. Not to mention, it's pretty.

I find the patterns in the shirt and Vans very appealing, and she does incorporate a "record" to help get the true message across.

Excellent. The drawing of Al is really great. I really like the fact that he's holding up a gold record. Again, the words "Make the Rock Hall Weird" are very prominent. It's very accurate drawing of Al right down to the checkered Vans. This does a really good job conveying what Make the Rock Hall "Weird" is all about. Al holding that gold record in the air triumphantly seems perfect.

(By now the Tasers and billy-clubs have done their job and there are no more screaming or wrestling matches. Greg has finally calmed down enough to peacefully offer a comment, but alas he has also been gagged to help prevent another outburst. Oh, it looks like Greg is leaving early, being kindly escorted out by the police. Someone just suggested that it might have been a bad idea to have had an open bar at this gallery show. The bartender seems confused. "What do you mean?" he has asked. "We didn't have anything alcoholic behind the bar tonight.")

It ain't over yet!

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