The 2005 Art Contest!

"Weird Al is unquestionably the most prominent musical satirist of his generation, a distinction for which he hasn't received his due acclaim."
--David Powell,

What a night for honors! Amid cheers from the numerous fans on hand, the Lego band from All Things Yankovic is arriving at the McCabe Virtual Museum of Art. They are here tonight to present the entries and winners of the first ever Make the Rock Hall "Weird" Art Contest!

There were some fantastic entries this first time out, and we are grateful to all of the talented artists who took part. And we especially thank them for their patience as the entries were being judged. To show our gratitude, everyone who officially entered will receive a Make the Rock Hall "Weird" bumper sticker!

Our intrepid and competent judges--Cindybob, Kevbo, and Weird El (and of course Greg, but he's not that intrepid or competent)--did a wonderful job judging and rating each entry, and their comments are featured throughout. Entries were judged on the original sizes they were submitted in, but for tonight's presentation we needed to shrink a few to a more manageable size. But rest assured, all entries were judged in their original state.

Okay, it looks like the crowds are finally entering the museum. The ceremony is about to begin, so let's proceed to the gallery....

Oh, and hey, if you see Joan Rivers inside, tell her we found her face on the curb. Oh wait, it was just an old banana peel. Never mind.


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