The 2005 Art Contest!


The second place winner will receive both a Make the Rock Hall "Weird" bumper sticker and an Al promo CD single.

Terri M.

And Terri strikes again with this great Photoshopped image of what the Rock Hall would actually look like if it was redesigned with Al in mind, sort of a photorealistic version of the campaign logo. The cut-outs of the accordion surprisingly add a nice three-dimensional touch to the piece, while Al's reflection shimmers beautifully off Lake Erie (that's how you know it's just an artistic vision and not real: you can actually see a reflection on Lake Erie!). When Al does get inducted it can be more or less assumed that the Rock Hall will never do anything on this grand of a scale to welcome him, so here we have a touching "what if" of how the campaign's goal could best be realized.


I really liked the combination of using the actual Rock Hall picture and Al and mixing them together. That was a nice mix. Definitely showing how two need to be together.

I like how the accordions are worked into the architecture.

I absolutely love the fact that the Rock Hall is in the background. It's a breathtaking shot. The accordions on the walls of the Rock Hall are also very creative. It is very clear what the purpose of the picture is. This picture really shows why Make the Rock Hall "Weird" exists. Seeing Al standing in front of the Rock Hall clearly expresses the goal of the organization.

(Now pantless and restrained by the local authorities who have been brought in, Greg is asking to be let free so he can finally offer a comment on an entry. Still skeptical, the SWAT captain in charge has agreed to unlock the chains and cuffs and--oh geez. Greg is now screaming unprintable insults at the police and museum administrators who have come down into the gallery to see what all the commotion is about. The officer whose helmet Greg has taken and put on his head is not happy.)


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