The 2005 Art Contest!

As wonderful as all of the entries were, the selection of the pieces to be awarded the top three prizes was almost unanimous from all sides. Three specific works of art clearly wowed the judges, and we think you'd agree.


Since we've now decided that all of the contestants will get a Make the Rock Hall "Weird" bumper sticker, it's only fair that the third place winner receives an additional, still-to-be-determined trinket...and so they shall.

Aron Shay

When we first started asking for entries in this contest, we never realized we'd receive something so eye-popping, something so vibrant, or something so indicative of the fun and fervent spirit of this campaign. Aron has made a name for herself with Al fans as one of the most outstanding fan artists of the last decade, and this entry is certainly representative of her skill. It's a beautiful, charmingly cartoony call-to-arms, and Aron's entry is perhaps the closest thing we'll ever see to a Weird Al "Uncle Sam" poster.


It's a nice combination and could be used for any future stickers or whatever for the campaign actually, now that I think about it.

If the idea is to have a logo to be used on several pieces, then I think this one has the most's simple, colorful and bold.

Another excellent drawing. I really like the prominence of the words "Make the Rock Hall Weird." It makes it very clear what the drawing is for. The drawing looks a lot like Al. Excellent.

(We thought Greg had nodded off for a bit when we started describing the prize and determination of the top three spots, but it looks like he's awake and alert again. Okay well, awake anyway. At the moment he's taking five-dollar bills out of his wallet and tossing them at all the women in the gallery. Okay good, he's out of money. No wait, he's now starting to depant not only himself but also members of another party. Oh great, here comes security again.)


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