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Weird Al fans struggle to get satirist in Hall of Fame

by Jessica Del Curto
New Mexico Daily Lobo
November 17, 2020

A group of die-hard fans are on a mission.

They are clever in their tactics, and won't stop at no.

Musician "Weird Al" Yankovic has yet to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and longtime fans say it is time.

"Weird Al is rock n' roll's premier satirist," said Greg Method, head of the campaign. "He is also a great way to get young people interested in popular music."

Yankovic has parodied everyone from Michael Jackson to Eminem. He first parodied the Knack's singer Doug Fieger, taking the hit "My Sherona" [sic] and turning it into "My Bologna." Fieger has supported the campaign and signed a petition.

Method sent the 2,900-signature petition to the Hall of Fame, but was unsuccessful. Now he is asking fans to individually write letters to get him inducted and is optimistic that if it doesn't happen this year, it will happen next.

"We can't do this alone," he said. "We need people to help out."

The 26-year-old actor and writer said this isn't the first time Yankovic fans have united to get something done for the artist. Supporters wrote to MGM studios to persuade them to release Yankovic's comedy, UHF. The movement had a tremendous response, and the DVD was successful. Method said the next campaign fans are working on is getting Yankovic a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

"We just want to get Al the respect he deserves," he said. "It sounds silly because it is Weird Al, but making fun of something is still an art form."

Method has been a follower of Yankovic's for years and said his fan base is huge.

"Fans will travel across the country to go to his concert or a convention," he said. "It's almost Dead Head-like, but we are very harmless."

Method said Albuquerque is one of Weird Al fans' favorite spots to travel, because Yankovic will often do songs time wouldn't permit him to do elsewhere.

"Those shows are really the kind people look forward to the most," he said.

He said he is a fan of Yankovic's because he pokes fun at a medium that takes itself too seriously.

"I like the rock star that makes fun of other rock stars," he said. "Yet he doesn't go for the throat or take any low shots." [Greg has no idea what the hell he meant, as he clearly mixed a metaphor]

Last year Yankovic won a Grammy for his most recent album, Poodle Hat, on which he parodied Eminem, Nelly, and Avril Lavigne.

Method has met Yankovic numerous times and said he isn't as nutty as some people may believe him to be.

"He is probably one of the nicest guys I've ever met," he said.

Method said it's time to honor him for his talent.

"Rock n' roll has honored the Beatles and Elvis," he said. "It's about time they honored the genre's own class clown."

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