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Television Mentions
NBC 17 (Raleigh, NC)
Big Chuck and Lil' John's Couch Potato Theater (Fox 8, Cleveland, OH) (interview)
The Big Chuck and Lil' John Show (Fox 8, Cleveland, OH) (interview)

Fox 2 (Detroit, MI)
CBS 21 (Harrisburg, PA)
Fox 8 News in the Morning (Cleveland, OH) (mentioned during Al interview)

Newspaper Mentions
Cleveland Plain Dealer - 10/26/2003 (indirect pre-campaign mention)
Boise Weekly - 10/27/2004 (blurb)
New Mexico Daily Lobo - 11/17/2004 (feature article and interview)
Athens Banner-Herald - 1/15/2005 (article)
Tucson Citizen - 2/3/2021 (blurb)
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier - 2/10/2020 (article)
The Times (Munster, IN) - 3/2/2021 (blurb)
Lexington Herald-Leader - 3/20/2005 (blurb)
Yakima Herald-Republic - 3/27/2005 (feature article and interview)
Cincinnati CityBeat - 3/30/2005 (blurb)
Springfield News-Sun (Springfield, OH) - 4/7/2020 (feature article and interview)
The Straight (Vancouver, BC) - 4/21/2005 (article)
Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW) - 5/5/2021 (blurb)
West Australian (Perth, W.A.) - 5/9/2020 (article)
Detroit Free Press - 5/16/2005 (blurb)
East Carolinian (Greenville, NC) - 6/22/2005 (blurb)
Santa Barbara Independent - 6/30/2005 (blurb)
Boulder Weekly - 7/7/2020 (blurb)
Denton Record-Chronicle - 7/10/2020 (feature column)
Daily Camera (Boulder, CO) - 7/15/2005 (blurb)
Sun Herald (Biloxi, MS) - 8/4/2021 (blurb)
West Australian (Perth, W.A.) - 10/2/2021 (mentioned during Al interview)
Detroit Free Press - 1/8/2020 (mention)
The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA) - 2/2/2021 (article)
Cape Cod Times - 3/12/2020 (mention)
Pocono Record - 4/30/2007 (feature article and interview alongside Al interview)
Florida Today (Melbourne, FL) - 5/23/2007 (feature article and interview)
News Chief (Winter Haven, FL) - 5/25/2007 (mentioned following Al interview)
Dayton Daily News - 6/29/2007 (blurb alongside Al wire interview)
Cleveland Free Times - 7/4/2021 (blurb)
Akron Beacon Journal - 7/5/2021 (blurb)
The Other Paper (Columbus, OH) - 8/8/2020 (feature article and interview)
Youngstown Vindicator - 8/16/2007 (abbreviated press release)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - 9/7/2020 (mention)
Jackson Citizen Patriot - 9/22/2007 (feature article and interview)
Naperville Sun - 9/28/2007 (mention)
Cleveland Plain Dealer - 11/24/2007 (mention)
Toledo Free Press - 7/11/2020 (mentioned during Al interview)
Columbus Dispatch - 7/20/2008 (blurb)
Atlantic City Weekly - 6/16/2010 (mentioned during Al interview)
Nashville Scene - 9/22/2011 (mention)

Radio Mentions
The Dr. Demento Show (nationally syndicated)
Coffee and Cartoons (Lowell, MA)
Crazy College (regionally syndicated)
Laugh Tracks (Durham, NC)
The Pab Sungenis Project (Kennebunk, ME)
The Morning Mix (Portland, OR)
The New Q101 Morning Show (Warsaw, IN)
Q104 Morning Show: Wilde and Fee in the Morning (Cleveland, OH)
Dave Riley in the Morning (Sheboygan, WI)
Michael & CV (Milwaukee, WI)
FukuokanBandStand (Fukuoka, Japan)
WMQT After Dark (Marquette, MI)
The KFR Morning Show (Kalamazoo, MI) (interview)
B102.7 (Sioux Falls, SD)
Dickie & Angel: Married with Microphones (Salt Lake City, UT)
The Greg Kihn Show (San Jose, CA)
Cammy & Dean Morning Show (San Francisco, CA)
KKIQ Morning Show (Dublin/Pleasanton, CA)
Kevin & Bean (Los Angeles, CA) (interview)
More Music Mornings with Ann Thomas/Hitz 94 (Charlotte, NC)
Rob Lucas in the Morning (Buffalo, NY) (interview)
Kool Morning Show (Lubbock, TX)
The Mix Morning Show (Paris, TX)
Max & Tamme in the Morning (Waco, TX)
The Morning Mix (Dallas, TX)
92.1 The Mountain Morning Show (Lock Haven, PA)
Frankie in the Morning (Wilkes-Barre, PA)
The Morning Mess (Dover, DE) (interview)
Star Morning Show (Pittsburgh, PA)
80s Lunchbox (Wellington, New Zealand) ("Website of the Week")
Triple J (Australia)
HOFM Breakfast (Hobart, TAS)
The SoJO Morning Show (Mt. Laurel, NJ)
Mickey, Amelia & Spiegel (Baltimore, MD) (mentioned during Al interview)
Bruce & Donna in the Morning (Miami, FL)
KKRQ 100.7 The Fox (Iowa City, IA)
Uncle Scotty in the A.M. (Rosamond, CA)
The Morning Mix with Paul James (Marion, OH)
QFM96 (Columbus, OH) (interview)
The Jersey Shore Morning Show (Manahawkin, NJ)
WCHR 105.7 The Hawk (Manahawkin, NJ)
MIX Morning Show/Mark & Chrissy (Youngstown, OH) (interview)
Tom and Lisa Morning Mess (Kenosha, WI) (interview)
The Key 103 Hometown Morning Show (Frederick, MD)
Frank Monroe (Ankeny, IA)
The Electric Morning Show (Saugerties, NY)
Mike & Kacey in the Morning (Peekskill, NY)
Chris Marino and the K104 Morning Show (Poughkeepsie, NY)
WMOS 104.7 The Wolf (Montauk, NY)
WBFX 101.3 The Fox (Grand Rapids, MI)
Pure Rock 92.7 FM The Laser (Galesburg, IL)
WPXN 104.9 (Paxton, IL)
Mary Beth & Rick in the Morning (Toledo, OH)

Music Web Site Mentions
Chart magazine's (Canada) - 4/26/2005 (article)
Sympatico/MSN Entertainment: Music (Canada) - 4/26/2005 ( article) - 4/27/2005 (article) (Japan) - 4/27/2005 (article)
Rolling Stone Rock & Roll Daily - 1/9/2020 (blurb)
Performing Songwriter - 1/9/2020 (blurb)
Stomp and Stammer News Leak - 1/10/2020 (mention)
Rocknerd (Australia) - 1/25/2007 (press release) Christie Eliezer's Music Business News (Australia) - 1/30/2007 (blurb)
PBS 106.7 FM (Melbourne, VIC) - 1/30/2007 ( blurb)
Duran Duran to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - 2/5/2021 (interview)

Miscellaneous News/Info Web Site Mentions (Ft. McMurray, AB) - 4/28/2005 (blurb)
Lycos 50 Daily Report - 5/2/2021 (blurb)
Comedy Newswire - 9/16/2005 (blurb)
The State of the Union - 9/22/2006 (mention) Pop Candy - 1/9/2020 (mention)
Scoop (New Zealand) - 1/23/2007 (press release)
SuicideGirls - 1/23/2007 (article)
Entertainment Wire Service - 5/2/2021 (blurb)
NBC San Diego - 8/6/2020 (mentioned by Al during interview)
The Mercer News - 8/8/2020 (press release) - 8/13/2007 (mention)
The Review Newspapers (Niles, OH) - 8/17/2007 (press release)
The Lake County News-Sun The News Hound - 8/18/2007 (blurb) - 8/23/2007 (blog mention)
Atlantic City Weekly Atlantic City Central - 7/7/2020 (blurb)
New York Magazine Vulture - 1/14/2009 (link in Rock Hall induction blurb)
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Video Blog - 10/28/2009 (mention)
CraveOnline - 1/27/2010 (mentioned by Al during interview)
Geek a Week - 9/18/2010 (mentioned by Al during interview)
Yahoo! News - 3/30/2011 (interview)
Yahoo! - 4/4/2021 (front page headline and link to Yahoo! News article) - 6/20/2011 (mention)
PopMatters - 6/27/2011 (mention)
The Washington Post Celebritology - 9/28/2011 (mention and link in Rock Hall nominations article)
Nashville Scene - 9/30/2011 (mentioned by Al during interview)

Theatrical Mentions
What's My Line?, ACME Comedy Theatre (Los Angeles, CA) - 9/7/2020 (Al in a Q&A;)

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