"Weird Al's reputation as a musical jokester tends to diminish the fact that he is a first-rate vocalist and showman with a crack band of musicians behind him....Weird Al, you are the king of rock."
--Jon Pompia,
The Pueblo Chieftain

On October 23, Al's 51rst birthday, we are asking all fans online to participate in a one-day event of peaceful protest on the most unlikely of places...Twitter!

At some point during the day, just send a "tweet" to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's official Twitter account at rock_hall and tell them you want to see Al inducted. It's the virtual equivalent to a march on the Rock Hall.

We're also asking fans of other neglected artists to join in on the tweeting during the day. If your request doesn't specifically mention Al or isn't necessarily Al-related, we still ask that you include the tag #WeirdAl in your tweet.

That's it! Simple, huh?

And of course, be sure to follow us on our own Twitter account at rockhallweird.

Spread the word to all of your Twitter (and Facebook) friends...this is a one-day-only event, and we want to literally flood the Rock Hall with tweets.

Celebrate Al's birthday by showing him you care!

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