"Parody has often been called the highest form of flattery....For more than 20 years now, one man has been at the top of the parody genre. That man is none other than Weird Al. Weird Al has made a living turning mainstream hits into comical tunes."
--Alexander Fruchter,

Do you feel that Weird Al should be inducted into the Rock Hall? If so, then by all means help out...and all it will cost you is a stamp, some paper, maybe some video tape, and your time and dedication!

Here's what you can do to help us out:

1. Make and/or send a card

This year, we're asking our fellow fans to get their creative juices flowing and make greeting cards to send to the Rock Hall Foundation in New York, mostly to ensure that Al is kept in their sights. Or if you're not particularly creative or artistic, then we still want you to stop into your local card shop and pick one out to send.

Your card can be funny, poignant, cerebral, subtle, over the top, loud, colorful, in your face, or whatever...heck, if you're buying one at a store, feel free to even use those new fangled musical cards that are all the annoying rage (and you get bonus points for finding one with a song that Al has either parodied or put into a polka...and double bonus points for finding one by a current Rock Hall inductee that Al has parodied!). It can be big, small, have zany pop-up effects, be made from scratch, done up on Photoshop, have a ton of Al info inside, or none at all (see below to item #3 if you really want to utilize some Al facts). All you really need to do is get one simple point across: INDUCT WEIRD AL!

In the very near future, we will have a couple of designs available at our Cafepress shop, but we would much prefer if you personally made your own or picked a card design out yourself...just to give your card an extra bit of a personal, and hopefully heartfelt, touch. If anyone is interested, we might even be inclined to put up a gallery section to showcase jpgs of any original pieces done.

Send your card to:

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation
Attn: Joel Peresman
1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10104

Send as many cards as you want, but just try to have a different person sign it each time (such as each member of your family, etc.). We'll be constantly reminding everyone throughout the year, with a final big push to literally flood the Rock Hall Foundation office on October 23, Al's fiftieth birthday.

This year, care enough about Al to send the very best!

2. Help us get video footage

We are still working on our biggest project ever, a documentary chronicling our efforts! And for this, we need as much help as we can get, especially from any fellow video-savvy Al fans out there.

We're not only documenting our campaign and asking fans to make heartfelt pleas to the Rock Hall's nominating committee to nominate and induct Weird Al, but we're also going to be exploring Al's continued appeal after three decades. This will be a loving look at what makes our fellow fans tick and what it is about Al that still attracts new fans with each passing year.

Like for our past petition projects, we're again going to need "field operatives" around the country (and beyond!) producing footage. Anyone can help out!

Do you want to volunteer? Here's what you'll need:
1. A video camera (essential...duh).
2. Blank media (we can currently accept most cassette formats, such as VHS and Beta, and video files in either .AVI or .MPG-2 formats).
3. Adobe Reader (which can be downloaded for free) or any program that can open PDF files.
4. A printer (unfortunately, not available for free).
3. Access to a photocopier (optional).
4. Ability to send packages in the mail when you're all done (mandatory).

Still interested? Please send Greg an e-mail to volunteer and he'll get you all set up. For security purposes and for emergency contact, we ask that you please include your mailing address and a reliable daytime phone number in your e-mail.

We need people committed to helping out if they volunteer. Please do not volunteer to cover an upcoming event if you may change your mind or otherwise be unable to follow through. The campaign loses a considerable amount of both time and money whenever a volunteer bails on us. We need people we can count on!

If you have trouble using the link above to e-mail us, we can be reached at "rockhall" at "allthingsyank" dot "com." Please make your e-mail subject clear and to the point in case we need to weed it out of our spam filter. Thank you.

"[James] Blunt says that the attentions of Yankovic were 'a huge compliment in itself.'"
--Providence Journal
on Al's parody "You're Pitiful"
(James also signed our most recent petition)
3. Send a letter

Meanwhile, as we're all out there sending cards and shooting footage, we will still need fans committed to writing to the Rock Hall Foundation in New York to plead Al's case. With a lot of us busy being all artsy and creative, and taping fans' personal stories or recounting our own, it's up to everyone else out there to clearly articulate why Al deserves a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

We ask that folks please write sincere, thoughtful letters highlighting Al's unique place in rock and roll's heritage. We need a constant flow of letters going to the Rock Hall throughout the summer, especially as a way to bring some seriousness to the message we'll be conveying via greeting card.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation does not have a public e-mail address, but they do allow snail mail letters to be sent to their offices. All you need to do is write a polite letter urging that Al gets inducted and why. We even set up a letter guide to help get you started. It couldn't be easier!

Mail your letter to:

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation
Attn: Joel Peresman
1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10104

Don't poo-poo the power of writing letters. It was because of letter-writing that we were able to get a "special edition" DVD of UHF in 2002 and The Weird Al Show on DVD in 2006.

So grab a pen and paper, or open up Microsoft Word, and tell the Rock Hall to induct Al!

The Al fan base definitely has the numbers to make a difference. In late 2003, many fans flooded a Cleveland Plain Dealer Rock Hall poll by writing in Al as their choice of inductee. Although he wasn't eligible yet, our efforts did get a special mention in the paper's article on the results (we repeated this feat again in 2007 and 2008)!

and 4. Spread the word!

Tell friends, tell family, tell neighbors, tell co-workers, tell fellow students, post on message boards, and drop mentions in chat rooms! Just pass around the web site's URL and tell them we need card-senders, camera people, and letter-writers everywhere. We all need to get out there and recruit!

The only way we'll get more people on our side to help is by word of mouth. Al has brought so much happiness to millions of people for nearly thirty years...the least we all can do is send a letter in support.

So, with three continuous activities this next year, there is something for every Al fan to help out with.

We can't do this without you, so please volunteer to help!

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