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Dear Stan,

Recently I was at Bermuda's house working on demos for the new album, and he showed me the mountain of posts that you have been making in the newsgroup.

First of all, I personally guarantee that there are absolutely no references to or hidden meanings about Brave Combo, Camel, Schwantz Lefantz, Bucketheads, Fish-cults, the "Know-Nothing" movement, or even Stan & the Sequencers in any of my songs. I wrote them, I should know. I'm not sure that even my telling you this point blank will cause you to change your opinions, but I just felt it had to be said.

And secondly, I'm not laying blame here, but I think it's pretty obvious that you've been a disruptive presence on the newsgroup. You're certainly entitled to your opinions (just as everyone else is entitled to flame you for them), but things have gotten beyond ridiculous.

Stan, I'm sorry to ask you this, but please - please stop posting to the newgroup. That's the only way this flame war is ever going to end. A lot of my online friends have become quite irritated by all this, and quite frankly, I don't like the thought that a lot of potential new fans are being driven away from my newgroup because they have to sift through hundreds of messages about you before they can read anything about me.

So Stan, PLEASE. If you have any respect for me *at all*, honor my request and don't post in this newsgroup any more. I will consider it a personal favor.

Thank you in advance.

Al Yankovic

I felt this was safe to post now....

We may have had to stoop to the Weed's level......we may have shown sides of ourselves that we would have preferred not to show.....but we did it, "Gang!" Congratulations!

We faced the demon in the eyes and said in one voice that we will not give up. I want to thank Sein, DT, Anonymous, Mighty Flip, Verdawid68, and especially Not Trixie from the former Brave Combo discussion list for just being here, for helping build up the last line of defense that I was hoping for, and for helping beat S'tan at his own game. For other *real BRAVE* souls who have posted directly to Its posts in the past and recently, I apologize for not listing your names, but thank you for fighting the good fight. I will again quote Phil Collins, "Side by side we are not afraid!"

S'tan does not deserve any thanks whatsoever, despite the fact that the Dark One joined one newsgroup's members together for a worthy cause.

There are two people that, as always, deserve special thanks. Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz, thank you for all of your support and help throughout this entire ordeal. Thank you for not giving up and giving in when times seemed their bleakest....which thusly inspired myself and (I believe, as I cannot speak for everyone) inspired the other newsgroup regulars to stare that demon in the cyber-face and repeat a phrase we have heard many times to that point....."I'm still here." Jon, thank you for always being one of the good guys. :)

And, even though he's Internetless, Al Yankovic deserves a thank you for supporting the struggle to win back the newsgroup via his fax that Jon has posted onto the newsgroup. Al spoke up at a time when it seemed that no sense whatsoever could be spoken to the tumor that plagued our discussions, to dispute all of the claims that the Terror had made (incidentally right around the time Jon posted a similar message) and to make one last attempt to try to reason with the seemingly unreasonable. Al, thank you for helping us all out. There are NOT that many celebrities that would do that for his or her fans, and everyone here appreciates it. Thank you for caring.

Thank you to all of the fellow newsgroup regulars and IRC regulars, for reminding us (well me, anyway) just what family is at stake if the Hell known as Stan was to win his little cyber-takeover.

And finally thank you to all of the newsgroup readers (lurkers and otherwise), for being here throughout this entire fiasco.....for standing your ground when the ground seemed unstandable....and for being the best fanbase in the world, one I am happy and proud to be a part of.

Now, let's get back to talking about Al and the band!!!! :)
Proud member of the "Gang"

Subject: Re: Besta Polka
From: catradhtem@aol.comAmico (CatraDhtem)
Date: Fri, Jan 15, 2021 19:29 EST
Message-id: <19990115192946.17217.00001130@ng125.aol.com>

<< No response from the "gang"! (just cover-up) >>

You want a response? All right, but remember you asked for it.

You're boring and people have grown tired of you. That's why there's no more responses to your moronic ramblings.

You see, folks, there's a reason why he posts this nonsense on here. He wants attention, natch, but he also wants to see if anything he comes up with can be "b.s.'ed" enough so that people will start to believe him. When they don't, he gives it up. Look at past examples, when nobody believed his ramblings about the group Camel, he never brought it up again. As soon as people on here started mocking his "syncs," he barely even mentioned the word again.

Stan Rosenthal is nothing more than a scared little boy(?) looking for attention, approval, and someone to say "Yeah that sounds right" to his moronic ideas. Attention is easy to get, mainly because that can be done by just the one person by, say, monopolizing a newsgroup. And since he cannot get approval or vindication from anyone here, he tries to milk the one thing he thinks he has going for him.....attention.

Not like that is an excuse, mind you. The stuff he has pulled since August are, whether he wants to admit it or not, in violation of his ISP's Terms of Service and we will get rid of him (contact me please), but it's just sad that for all his ranting and raving and for all his stubborn, spoiled, three-year-old attitude, he is nothing more than a pathetic manipulator hell-bent on riling the very people he has tried to seek the approval of.

Oh and Stan, because I know you're reading this if nothing more than to indulge your ego, I have not been reading whatever baloney follow-ups you've been posting to any of my messages, nor do I plan to. You and I both know that I am right about you and your agenda and there is nothing you can say to argue that. There is no catchphrase, no quote, and no copied song lyric you can use that will knock down the truth....and the truth is simply you're deeply disturbed and you need professional help.

But instead of realizing that, you insist on bothering, mocking, and simply annoying regular posters on here. Go ahead, there's nothing clever enough that you can say that will hurt anyone on here. You've become boring in your retorts, almost a cliche....so why bother wasting my time reading your nonsense responses? If you're intelligent enough to have anything valid to say, you can figure out how to reach me. But you and I both know that the day will never come, because once again, you're nothing but a scared child.

As I look through the newsgroup and see Stun's posts, I have had some burning questions that there seems to be no answers for:

"Why can't he just except that Al has nothing to do with Brave Combo other than both appearing on one meaningless compilation?"
"If Stan is as close to Brave Combo as he claims to be, then why are they even sick of him.....even going as far as denouncing Stan's supposedly 'official' Brave Combo news archives and replacing it with their own?"
"If Stan was truly a fan of Brave Combo, wouldn't he care that his presence might turn potential fans away from the band just because of his constant mentioning of it?"
"If he was truly an Al fan, as he claims to be, then why didn't he respect Al's wishes to leave the newsgroup six months ago?"
"Why does Stan think that adding the acronym IMHO makes him definitely right rather than overly obnoxious?" (and he's right, those Opinions sure are Humble!)
"Why does Stan add 'winking smiles' when he argues? Is he in actuality flirting with the members on the newsgroup? Doesn't he know he looks more like an Internet child predator than someone trying to make a witty point?"
"Why does he think the shortest, most inconsequential song on an Al album from 1988 has some hidden meaning that not even Al is aware of?"
"Likewise, why does he think that Al's 1989 parody 'Spam,' which was written before the Internet became widely used, is about Stan's average posts?"
"Why does someone accuse others of being 'close-minded' only when those others do not like him?"
"Is Stan from the planet Ork? I'm just asking because it seems the older he gets, the more immature he acts. When he was three did he act like an intelligent forty-year-old?"
"Isn't there some law against excessive parentheses? Is Stan so afraid of making an actual remark of his own that he has to resort to adding asides within asides?"
"With all of the Nesmithesque tripe that Stan keeps quoting and attributing to Carl Finch, wouldn't one wonder why Carl hasn't been a best-selling philosophy writer as opposed to leader of a polka band?"

It's sad when one can make a complete psychological case study on a person like Stain just by reading his newsgroup posts.

Do YOU have a burning question about Stanley? Then by all means Ask It and I'll (anonymously) add your query to the list!

In late April, Chris "ClabberHead" posted wonderful parody lyrics about Stan, set to the tune of Al's 1996 original "Everything You Know Is Wrong." Chris pretty much summed up everything that has happened in alt.music.weird-al since August and this is the funniest Stan song since the "Spam" parody from last year.

I just want to thank Chris for letting me put the lyrics up here, which is kinda full-circle since he used the "Save a.m.w-a" page for some research for the song.

Everything He Says Is Wrong

Parody of "Everything You Know Is Wrong"
by "Weird Al" Yankovic (Al Yankovic)
Ear Booker Music, BMI
New lyrics by Christopher P. Sedtal
Reprinted with permission

I was cruisin' through the newsgroups on my P.C.
with a rabid passion for the great Weird Al
when suddenly a guy in Alt-dot-music-weird-al
popped right up and started posting stupid lies
He posted to DuqEggHead, and to Carlotta
then to D.T., Joe and Lukeski
Next he went after Gumby, Elvis, Bermuda, Please!
He probably would have kept on posting
but about that time he disappeared, what luck!
And as we sat there reading posts from that a**hole
finally we recognized the face of pure stupidity
and everybody came to realize...

Everything he says is wrong!
Think he's right? Well you won't before too long
And everything he thinks is just so important doesn't matter
Everything he says is wrong
Just forget his posts and sing along
All you need to understand is
"Everything he says is wrong!"

I was just about to mail a letter 'bout that Evil Stan
when I got a nasty reply back
and well to make a long story short
I got enraged, and I replied
so now I'm trapped in Hades in this flame war with this total geek
and it's obvious he doesn't have an idea as to what he's saying
(He ends each post with I M H O)
Well, he keeps on flaming people anyway
and he thinks the room "Next to the noisy ice machine
for all eternity"
is something stolen from Brave Combo

Everything he says is wrong!
Think he's right? Well you won't before too long
And everything he used to think was so important
Doesn't really matter anymore because the simple fact remains that...
Everything he says is wrong
Just forget his posts and sing along!
All you need to understand is
"Everything he says is--
(Everything he says is)--
Everything he says is wrong!"

Stan, When you first started posting here, you acted civilized. Lately, everything that everyone says is an excuse for you to attack people and/or belittle them. Why do you feel it necessary to do so? You obviously came to this board to talk about vh and the fact that you are a newer fan and that you dig their style. So why not quit pushing your political and censorship beliefs on everyone else and get back to talking about the band? I think we'd all appreciate it. You've created more than a few monsters on this board (myself included) who got tired of reading your self aggrandizing propaganda and we've gotten away from why we're here. Please get back to it or get out. Thank you.

Stan, you are without a doubt, the most pathetic person I've ever had the displeasure of finding on the net. I come here about once every month or so to check out who's posting what and there always seems to be about 15 or 20 new posts from you. Most of them incoherent babbling or a slam on someone you don't know. Do you have a life? If not, please get one and find somewhere else to spew your insignificant slander. P.S. Your website is the most pretentious, non-artistic piece of crap I've ever seen.

Stan, the "ihatestan nazi" is no censor. He just wishes you would shut up. You're every intention is to hurt people with words. Some people NEED to be censored. But I guess you think it's cool when some little kid runs around his neighborhood pretending he's shooting people he doesn't know with his water pistol, shouting "F**k the Police"! Gee, where did he get that from? This kid lives in my neighborhood and I'm afraid of what he's going to become in a few years. Like I said, some people NEED to be censored. So far, you're nothing more than a cyber geek with nothing better to do than hang out on a band's message board, spewing nonsensical drivel and insults. I shudder to think how dangerous you might be if you had something relevant to say. Being the cyber-goon you obviously are (don't believe me? check out his crappy websites), I bet you have the most dazzling child porn collection. Get a life. Go read a book and quit downloading them off the net.

I said I wasn't going to bash Stan again...wait, I'm not, I'm gonna make fun of his website. LOL. I went there and thought there would be at least a hint of intelligence...but...I was wrong. There was not a sign of intelligence anywhere. I looked under every nook and cranny...but, still no intelligence. I swear, that was the biggest waste of money that Stan has spent in his life, just buying the website name. The first thing I read was "What the hell is he building in there?"...I spent the few minutes (which I only wish I could get back, cause I feel like I wasted them so) that I was on the site thinking the same question, and I couldn't come up with an answer...and frankly, I don't want to know. Anyways, that's it for me, I'm done talking about or dealing with Stan on this site. I just thought I would produce one last rant. I'll talk to all of you real VH fans later.

Stan, did your father not love you growing up? Or did he love you a little too much (nudge nudge, wink wink)? The only nazi posting on this board is you. The Nazis I've read about forced their way of life on others. Sounds like you, Stan. You come here preaching about censorship and whatever other incoherent psychobable it is that you spew at everyone. You answer people who post to you in riddles and questions. No one here is trying to fool anyone, especially you. The monsters were created by the fact that you don't know when to shut your f*cking hole. I have a theory about you and it goes like this: you were one of those kids everyone beat up in school because you were a dork. You spent more time playing Atari, playing Dungeons and Dragons, reading comic books and farting around on the Apple II than trying to make friends because you were the consummate loser. Somehow, you think you're getting back at all the bullies from school by pretending to be smart with all your lyrical quotes and claiming to know who is a "censor nazi" and what not. You sir, don't know a thing about me or anyone else posting here because you're so self-absorbed with the fact that you believe yourself cooler than everyone here, that your head (firmly up your ass) can't see the light of day. Sad thing about all this is, you're still a loser. Your answer to everything is "censor nazi" and I'm guessing that this isn't the only place you post, which means you have WAY too much time on your hands. Time for either a dog or a grilfriend. Your chances with a dog are a little better. Try using some original dialogue that you didn't steal from a song, stop pimping your god-awful website and find a way to say something intelligent that's relevant to what other people are saying and you might get some respect. Oops, forgot who I was talking to. You wouldn't want that would you? That wouldn't create conflict. Go find a white power or conspiracy theorist website to pummel people with you vague eccentricities. I, for one am bored with you.

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