Okay gang, here's the deal. We originally approached actor Eddie Deezen about answering some quick questions about his experience portraying The Guy Boarded Up in the Wall on The Weird Al Show. He seemed more than happy to help out, and asked us to send him whatever questions we had in mind. Well, instead of really answering the questions, he sent back a very nice, albeit oddly brief fan letter kinda reply. We do sincerely thank Eddie for taking the time to even respond, but that still leaves this page without a real interview. What Would Al Do? Would he dare take what little information he had and make a.....goofy mock interview?? Of course he would...he has! So, in the tradition of Al-TV, here is the great Eddie Deezen....

ATY: Thank you very much for taking the time to talk with us.


ATY: Of course, many people will know you from movies such as Grease, Midnight Madness, 1941....

ED: How are you? Fine I hope.

ATY: Well, there is this little hangnail that needs to be looked at...but anyway, how did you come about doing The Weird Al Show?


ATY: Ahem, Mr. Deezen?


ATY: Did it bother you that you were going to be the character nobody ever saw?


ATY: ...or, apparently, never heard either.


ATY: What was the process for bringing you in to record your lines? Were you able to record all of them for every episode at once, or were you asked in separate times for each episode?

ED: It was real fun to do The Weird Al Show.

ATY: Ah, there you are. Was worried about you for a second there...you were starting to remind me of a director on this one DVD.... Anyway, how did Al explain the part to you?

ED: He was and is a great guy.

ATY: Uh.....yeah. In recent years, you've lent your unique voice to some of the most popular animated series on television, such as Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, and Duckman. Would it be correct to assume you enjoy doing voice work?


ATY: Communism, Eddie. Any thoughts?


ATY: Well, let's see what's left in my notes...um--oh, here we go...you've had a long and successful career. Is there any advice you can give to someone who wants to become an actor?

ED: Bring a good stash of money, and try to make as many friends in the industry as you can.

ATY: Huh? Well, we're all your friends here, Eddie...and look, here is a big stash of money just for you. Here you go.

ED: Good luck in your career.

ATY: Well, I wasn't really asking for my benefit, but thank you all the same. Thank you for taking the time for this interview, Eddie. It has been informative and stimulating.

ED: Best wishes.

ATY: Yeah, that's easy for him to say. He has all my money.

For more on Eddie, be sure to check out
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Spy Hard
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Sesame Street Presents Follow That Bird
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