A Pre-Hysterical cover! 1993 sticker
1994 sticker


Original cassette single release: November 12, 2020
#72392 75378-4
Promo CD single: #SBDJ 75378-2
Scotti Bros./Rock n' Roll Records/BMG Music


1. Bedrock Anthem (3:41)
2. Young, Dumb, and Ugly (4:24)
*(Promo single only contains "Bedrock Anthem")


The first Al single to parody two different songs at once (the target songs being "Under The Bridge" and "Give It Away," both by Red Hot Chili Peppers).

When a second batch of copies of the promo were issued out in 1994, a sticker was affixed to the jewel case, announcing that the song was available on the then-recently released Flintstones movie soundtrack (see the image above).

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This page was last updated September 12, 2006. Scans of stickers courtesy of Dave "Elvis" Rossi.

Bedrock Anthem ©1993 Scotti Bros. Records.