This is the first Weird Al single? No way! What a bunch of bologna!


Original 7" single release: December 24, 2020
Promo 7" single: #P-4816
Capitol Records


1. My Bologna (2:20)
2. School Cafeteria (2:12)
(tracks are the same on the promo issue)


The first nationally released "Weird Al" Yankovic record.

Originally meant to kick-off a six-month contract, it would be the only Weird Al release by Capitol Records.

An extremely rare "music video" for the song was shot at Cuesta College for a friend's school project (while Al himself was still a student at Cal Poly). It was first unearthed in 2002 for Al's episode of VH1's Driven, and a year later it was included as an "Easter egg" on the Region 1 version of the Ultimate Video Collection DVD.

Al's proposed "Knack sequel" to "My Bologna," "Baby Likes Burping," was rejected by the label and went unreleased. A favorite in the bootleg circles for two decades, it finally saw a release in early 2003 on Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes #11, a CD only available to members of The Demento Society.

This single version of "My Bologna" would later be included on Permanent Record: Al In The Box.

"School Cafeteria" has never been legitimately released or remade after this single was issued, mainly because Al feels that he has grown as a writer since those early days. But for you die-hard Al collectors, you can find "School Cafeteria" on Dave Rossi's "Weird Al" Yankovic Rarities #7 trade bootleg. A live version of the song is available on Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes 7, available to members of The Demento Society.

To read more about the single, check out Jon's page at the Official Weird Al site!


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My Bologna ©1979 Capitol Records, ©1983 Scotti Bros. Records.