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Original 7" single release: February 28, 2021
#ZS4 04374-7
Promo 7" single: #ZS4 04374-3
Promo 12" single: #AS 1830/XSM 171625
Scotti Bros./Rock n' Roll Records/CBS Records

"Golden Oldies" reissue single release: 1985
#ZS8 05483-7
Scotti Bros./Rock n' Roll Records/CBS Records

Second "Golden Oldies" reissue single release: 1993
#ZS8 05483-7
Scotti Bros./Rock n' Roll Records/Collectibles

Highest Billboard Chart Position: #12

Current Sales Status:
as of October 19, 2020
Current Sales Status (Canadian):
Current Sales Status (Australian):


Original single:
1. Eat It (3:19)
2. That Boy Could Dance (3:32)
*(Promo singles only have "Eat It" on each side)

Golden Oldies/Collectibles reissue singles:
1. Eat It (3:19)
2. I Lost On Jeopardy (3:26)


Al's first single to go Gold.

The original a-side to this single was going to be "Midnight Star," which ironically didn't appear on any single until it backed 1985's "One More Minute" to help promote The Compleat Al.

"Eat It" was the last song recorded for the album, a pattern that would follow for the lead-off singles on most subsequent ALbums.

In 1985, Scotti Bros. reissued "Eat It" as a "Golden Oldies" single (backing it with "I Lost On Jeopardy"). In 1993, the Collectibles company (specializing in reissuing 7" singles for retail sale and jukeboxes) reissued the 1985 single, even leaving the words "Golden Oldies" printed on it. The only differences between the two reissues are the appearance of the Collectibles logo and the fact that the label on the original Golden Oldies single had the traditional Scotti Bros. "brick wall" background design, while the Collectibles single had a solid gray-colored label.

Debuting at #59 in Billboard on March 10, 1984, it had the best debut of an Al single until 2006. It would reach its peak position five weeks later. It would eventually stay on the "Hot 100" for twelve weeks, a record for an Al single until 1996.

This was Al's highest charting audio release for twenty-two years until the September 2006 release of Straight Outta Lynwood. In mid-October of that year, that album's second single, "White & Nerdy," would also unseat "Eat It" as Al's highest charting single ever.

To read about the British import of the single, check out Jon's page at the Official Weird Al site! Also get a gander at the Japanese single with an unique picture sleeve!


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