Oh Ricky, you're so fine!


Original 7" single release: May 3, 2021
#ZS4 03849-7
Promo 7" single: #ZS4 03849-3
Scotti Bros./Rock n' Roll Records/CBS Records

Highest Billboard Chart Position: #63


1. Ricky (2:35)
2. Buckingham Blues (3:11)
*(Promo single only has "Ricky" on each side)


The part of Lucy in both the song and video was played by Tress MacNeille, one of the most recognized voice artists of recent years. Tress is especially known as the voice of Gadget on Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers, Babs Bunny on Tiny Toon Adventures, and Dot on Animaniacs, among countless others.

Both of the songs on this single were recorded in 1983 primarily to round out the number of tracks on Al's debut album. All of the other songs from the debut album were recorded and mixed a year earlier, well before Al even had a deal with Scotti Bros.

"Buckingham Blues" was originally going to be titled "The Ballad of Chuck and Diane" and was to be a parody of John Cougar (Mellencamp)'s "Jack & Diane." Mellencamp was supposedly okay with the idea when asked by Al, but a movie studio bought the rights to the song and was about to produce a film based on it, making it difficult for Mellencamp to give Al permission to do a parody. Several re-writes later, Al made the song an original piece.

Unlike the commercial release, promo copies of "Ricky" did not come in picture sleeves.

Debuting at #90 in Billboard on April 30, 1983, it had the best debut of an Al single until 1984. It would reach its peak position four weeks later, where it would stay for two weeks. It would eventually stay on the "Pop Singles" chart for eight weeks.


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Ricky ©1983 Scotti Bros. Records.