You can see whatever cover you like


Original digital single release: October 8, 2020
Way Moby/Volcano Entertainment/Sony Music Entertainment

Highest Billboard Chart Position: #104


1. Whatever You Like (3:43)


Al's first parody single released without a coinciding album or compilation since 1981.

Al's first parody to share the exact same title as its source song.

Had the shortest turn-around time of Al songs from the start of recording to its release: just nine days.

Al's first single to be initially released exclusively to iTunes.

The single was scheduled to premiere on iTunes on October 7, 2020 along with all the other new music releases for the week, but an unspecified "glitch" prevented the web site from uploading the file, creating much frustration for everyone involved. The track finally snuck onto the iTunes web site shortly after midnight on the eighth.

Sold 20,740 downloads in its first week.

In lieu of an actual music video, Al promoted the song on YouTube and MySpace by creating a "video" consisting solely of the track playing over a still of the single cover. An actual animated music video would later be created for use in concert and then included on the CD/DVD edition of the Alpocalypse album.

The first song recorded as part of a new release strategy Al had taken for the production of his thirteenth album (Alpocalypse), where he planned to release individual tracks digitally as soon as they were recorded and mixed in order to see how well the songs were received on their own. In May 2009 the temporary title Internet Leaks was announced to serve as a source "album" for the tracks to fall under until the actual album was finished. Therefore, "Whatever You Like" retroactively became the first single from the Internet Leaks "album."

Debuted in Billboard on October 25, 2008, when it reached its peak position of #104 on the "Bubbling Under Hot 100" chart. It would be its only appearance on the "Hot 100" as a whole, tying with "eBay" for the shortest run on the chart for an Al song. That same week the single debuted at #56 on the "Hot Digital Songs" chart, its only appearance on that chart as well. The song would have slightly better luck on the "Pop 100," where it debuted that same week at #67. It would eventually stay on the "Pop 100" for a total of five weeks.


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