Well, the record's round...just like a snowball! Or, um, like Santa's belly! No? How about Rudolph's nose? Ha ha ha...I got nothing.


Original 7" single release: November 1986
#ZS4 06588-7
Promo 7" single: #ZS4 06588-3
Promo 12" single: #ZAS 02597/XSS 174007
Scotti Bros./Rock n' Roll Records/CBS Records


1. Christmas At Ground Zero (3:08)
2. One Of Those Days (3:15)
*(Promo singles only have "Christmas At Ground Zero" on each side)


The first single to be promoted with a music video directed by Al.

Released at the tail end of the Cold War, this single was banned from many radio stations due to its subject matter. Apparently the concept of mixing the holiday season with potential nuclear war made some people squeamish.

To read about the 12" promo, check out Jon's page at the Official Weird Al site!

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Christmas At Ground Zero ©1986 Scotti Bros. Records.