Because of my fascination with the work and creativity of Mr. Yankovic, I have catalogued and listed (in alphabetical order) every single song Weird Al has ever performed on in one way or another, and I call this lil' thing The "Weird Al" Yankovic Songography.

With each Al song, every known way each song is available is listed, including albums, bootlegs, special compilations, and all known foreign releases.

With the help of many Weird Al historians, such as Al's drummer Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz, Carlotta Barnes, wonderfully helpful soles like Insane Ian Bonds, Jeff Morris, Marty Lick, and Dave "Elvis" Rossi (to name but only a few...a full list of thanks is included with the Songography), and with the occasional help of the Weird One himself, I have tried to make The "Weird Al" Yankovic Songography the most compleat list of Al songs anywhere and everywhere.

If you wanna see just what the heck The "Weird Al" Yankovic Songography is, it has a wonderful home on the web courtesy of long-time contributor and fellow Al fan Dave "Elvis" Rossi and his We've Got It All On UHF site.

But if you wanna get your lil' grubby hands on your OWN text copy of The "Weird Al" Yankovic Songography...Click here! New editions are mailed out annually on December 15.

As always, updates on mailings will be sent to subscribers if any problem may arise (those same updates will be available on this web page).

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to say anything in the e-mail message body to subscribe?
If only this wasn't a real question.... Do you have anything to say in the message body? Just use the link above, and I'll forgive you if you're not chatty in the e-mail...this time.

Does the Songography cost anything to get a copy?
Heck no! Just e-mail me!

How will I receive the Songography? Does it come in e-mail or through the regular mail?
The "Weird Al" Yankovic Songography is an Internet-based reference tool. It is only available on Dave Rossi's web site or as a text file attached to e-mails. Since in its typed form it is well over three hundred pages long, a printed version would be quite costly to distribute. This is no bull: if the current edition was formatted and printed as a standard-sized paperback book, it would have over 700 pages!

Do I need to subscribe?
Well in the grand scheme of things, you don't really need to do anything. However, if you want to own your own copy of the Songography with little fuss, then yes you have to subscribe. This way, you'll automatically receive each new updated edition every year.

Why don't you just put the text file up on this page?
Because when the first version of the Songography was completed, AOL did not offer web space to its members. E-mailing it was the only way to distribute it to those who wanted copies. Doing it that way seems to work out all right, so why mess with a good thing?

But if it was on the page in the first place, then I wouldn't need to e-mail you, right?
Oh bite me. What are you, xenophobic? It's just an e-mail, for cryin' out loud.

This page was last updated December 19, 2010. Wow, I must have an awful lot of free time on my hands!