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Is there a UHF soundtrack?

You bet! Although the actual film score by John DuPrez has never been released on its own, the UHF/Original Motion Picture Soundtrack And Other Stuff album contains all of the songs that Al wrote and recorded for the movie, not to mention the "Spatula City" and "Gandhi II" commercials.

Even without the movie connection, it is still a stellar album and an essential piece to any Al fan's collection.

As for other music from the movie, if you have really good ears, you can hear a song by Stephen Jay in the bar scene (after George gives Stanley the show to host). Although Steve has not released the song, "Way Blue," on any of his albums, it was included on a promotional compilation of his various film music...so it is sorta out there!

I see that UHF has been released on DVD, but what about VHS??

Sorry buddy, but UHF is no longer in print on VHS, and given the current state of the home video market, it will most likely never be released on tape again. Still, if you'd like to write to MGM Home Entertainment to ask them to consider such a release, our We Want It All On UHF page has an address at the bottom. Just don't hold your breath.

Until then, you can almost always find a VHS copy of UHF on eBay or through Amazon's individual sellers. Just be aware that both SP and inferior SLP versions of the tape exist.

In the meantime, you can also order reproductions of some of the film's movie posters....

UHF one-sheet (framed)
"Don't Touch That Dial!" one-sheet (framed)
Vidiot from UHF international one-sheet (framed)

When will UHF be on TV next?

Check out the Al on TV page over at our parent site All Things Yankovic!

Other links

MGM's official UHF page
Not much is here, but you can check out the trailer and hear some soundbytes!

Click here to see the Internet Movie Database's info on the film

We've Got It All On UHF
Inspired by UHF, Dave "Elvis" Rossi's site has info on anything and everything Al-related. You can even "buy" stock in U-62!

Weirdness Central
Featuring a look at the original screenplay of UHF!

Weird Al Yankovic's "UHF" (shot in Tulsa!)
A tour of the various places around Tulsa where UHF was filmed. There's even guestbook entries by members of the local cast and crew!

UHF - My 15 Year Pilgrimage
Fifteen years later, fan Rob O'Hara tracks down UHF's filming locations around Tulsa to see how time has treated them!

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