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Time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday
6PM Dog Racing from Rio de Janeiro News
Beverly Hillbillies Mr. Ed Traffic Court
7PM Stanley Spadowski's Clubhouse
8PM Strip Solitaire Wheel of Fish Wide World of Tractor Pulls Raul's Wild Kingdom
9PM Practical Jokes & Bloopers You Bet Your Pink Slip The Lice is Right Wonderful World of Phlegm
Celebrity Mud Wrestling Those Darn Homos!
10PM Bestiality Night Name That Stain Secrets of the Universe
11PM News
The Flying Pope Town Talk

Time Thursday Friday Saturday
6PM News French Prince of Bel-Air
My Three Mutants Leave it to Bigfoot Sabrina the Teenage Fish
7PM Stanley Spadowski's Clubhouse
8PM The U62 Movie Druids on Parade Stay Fit!
9PM Volcano Worshippers' Hour Bowling for Burgers
10PM The Young and the Dyslexic Underwater Bingo for Teens That's Disgusting
11PM News
Town Talk Fun with Dirt Acid Cuisine

Time Saturday Morning
7AM The Fred Huggins Show
Uncle Ralphie
8AM The Adventures of Fatman
Ishtar: The Animated Series

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